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Your Own Personal Rabbi


The only wrong question is the one not asked...      - Talmud

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How many sessions will I need?

That is up to you, based on how much direct support you wish from me. When we work together, you are hiring your own personal Rabbi to directly support you and your needs in the way that best matches your pace and your process.

By working 1-on-1, I can usually "get you there" faster than just about any other process.

So, Rabbi, Where Should I Start?


Perhaps there's a reason Islam called us "The People of the Book"

--------------1. Know the basics of:

  • Holidays
  • History
  • Sacred Texts
  • Theology
  • Rituals/Traditions
  • Prayer/Spirituality
  • Lifecycle Ceremonies
  • Hebrew Optional
pictures of weddings at The Walnut Grove at Tierra Rejada Ranch
--------------2. Two to three topics to take deeper
--------------3. Hebrew optional but not required  torah

How long does this take?

We can progress as quickly or slowly as you wish, and we can tap the full breadth of my services, or focus primarily simply on study."

Some students have completed their conversion process in 3-4 months, others have chosen to explore aspects of their spiritual journey for a-year-or-more.

To the Promised Land


Welcome back to your soul's home.

---------------1. You will have your very own Rabbi:

  • Somebody at work asked me a question I couldn’t answer…
    I told him: “I’ll ask my Rabbi this week!”
  • I need to discuss this Jewish thing in the news…
  • Help!  I’m going to a cousin’s Bat Mitzvah…
  • I also need some guidance planning my wedding…



---------------2. Your Rabbi is also a Counselor:---

  • How do I talk to my family/friends about this?
  • Do I match with Reform? Orthodox? Conservative?
  • I’m working on feeling comfortable in a synagogue…
  • A Jewish friend made a comment that I don't understand...



---------------3. Personalize your program:

  • How to teach my children
  • Jewish ethical literature
  • Beyond Torah &  Talmud
  • Personal spiritual practices
  • Specific rituals/traditions
  • 4000 years of history
  • Kabbalah/Mysticism
  • In-depth theology
  • Judaism & Feminism
  • Jewish literature



How much does this cost?

This is a 1-on-1 customized process, so I can only give a cost estimate, and only after understanding your needs and goals. You won't waste money paying for self-study, or things you've already learned. You only pay for exactly what you need.

With me, you get the best value for your money. But this is not the $250-$750 dollars that you would pay for a non-personalized, time-specific, geography-specific pre-set curriculum you would get at a synagogue or community program, nor is it a $500-$1000 program that makes you study on your own and take a test at the end.

You don't buy a Ferrari at a Toyota dealership. Hiring your own private tennis coach is different from taking a class at the Parks and Recreation department.

I provide the highest quality, most flexible, most qualified, most trans-denominational, most personalized, fastest process available; serving students with special circumstances and elite students who want the best available. I keep it as affordable as it can be, but I know what's available: I'm the best...not the cheapest.

If this is you, I look forward to working with you!

As of Today, I am Part
of the Jewish People


You truly will come to feel you belong

-----------------1. Beit Din

  • Available via Skype!  NO TRAVEL REQUIRED
  • A 3-member Beit Din is traditional, but not obligatory
  • Single Rabbi’s signature is perfectly “kosher”



-----------------2. Mikveh

  • Arranged near you.  NO TRAVEL REQUIRED
  • Or ... Come celebrate with me in person
  • Mikveh is also traditional, but not obligatory



-----------------3. Certificate

It is my deepest honor as a Rabbi to have the
privilege to lift my pen, affix my signature to
your conversion certificate, and officially
welcome you as part of the Jewish People.

I understand this customized process and am ready for a consultation:

The Free Consultation form will help me better understand your personal needs.
But I'm always available at my email or 831-594-9489