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A Jewish Identity I am Proud Of…

With Rabbi Yitzi’s help, I am developing a Jewish identity that I am proud of and learning about a culture and spirituality that my soul has always belonged to. He takes into consideration where you already are, in life, emotions, and faith and helps direct where to go from there. Rabbi Yitzi also eased my anxiety regarding support after the conversion process is completed. Continuing education and support is available, and comforting. I know I won’t be all alone after this process is over; no matter where I am, I will still be able to get the support and guidance I need to be the best Jew I can be. I am so thankful to have found Rabbi Yitzi. I cannot imagine going through this experience with anyone else! Thank you, Rabbi Yitzi!

~Crystal Hines

My expertise and passion is providing not just Jewish education, but support and guidance for the full intellectual, emotional, and spiritual process of affirming one’s Jewish identity.